Vinyl Floor Smash It With New Single ‘Funhouse Mirror’

Vinyl Floor, the indie-rock band from Copenhagen, are back with new single, ‘Funhouse Mirror’, which is out now on all major streaming platforms; it is not a track you should miss!

Brothers Thomas and Daniel Pederson make up the group. They find influence in industry giants such as The Beatles and The Kinks yet still manage to forge a new path forward for themselves and the genre by bringing their artistic qualities and ideas to the fore.

The distinctive melody makes ‘Funhouse Mirror’ stand out among today’s popular songs. It has all the hallmarks of modern hooks and production values while skilfully evoking memories of rock’s heyday in the ’60s and ’70s. Also, for all the right reasons, you’ll remember this song for its big guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and gigantic choruses.

So, ready for some indie-rock which arrives with a bang? Look no further than ‘Funhouse Mirror’ by Vinyl Floor, which is out now!

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